What is Gamedex?

Gamedex is a platform and ecosystem for digital collectible cards (like Pokemon and baseball cards, but digital) and the games they can be used in.

The rich platform and ecosystem we are building is like Steam®, but for digital collectible card games.

Why blockchain?
Digital collectibles powered by blockchain have numerous advantages over traditional collectibles which will lead to an increase in their value as a speculative asset and store-of-value. These advantages include trustless and provable scarcity and authenticity, and instant transfer regardless of distance.

For more information, read Why Blockchain?​

Why raise money by selling tokens?
We could raise enough money to build Gamedex using traditional VC funding, but there’s at least three advantages to using a crowdsale.

Building a token economy
First, at it’s core, a blockchain relies on a community to function. A single company can’t run its own blockchain in a very meaningful way; that would just be a database.

We believe that ecosystems which rely on a community to function should belong to the community they are built on. We have set up our company in a manner that we believe will best help us achieve this.

Funding a war chest for indie developers
We aren’t just raising money to build the Gamedex platform.

In fact, 45% of all tokens created and Ethereum raised are dedicated to awarding bounties and giving grants to indie game developers and valuable IP holders.

More details about this fund (governance, etc.) will be revealed prior to our public token sale.

Building an army of collectors
Holding a token sale offers Gamedex a way to build a massive community of people interested in seeing the Gamedex platform succeed. We’re building an army of word-of-mouth marketers and brand ambassadors.